Fries with eggs and cheese

A simple and tasty recipe of fries with egg and cheese

Recipes containing
Salt (1640)
Cheese (169)
parsley (563)
eggs (1118)
Pepper (1152)
Oil (1043)
potatoes (348)

Main course (772)

It is a very simple recipe that everyone probably knows, but who still does not know, urge to try it with confidence … but not very often, because it has enough calories!
Recipe with egg and cheese fries:

Potato Fries with egg and cheese
2 eggs
feta cheese

Preparation egg and cheese fries:

Peel potatoes, wash them well and then cut them into slices and put them to fry in hot oil. When almost done, pour beaten eggs over well and let it brown preferences. Season with salt and pepper and out on a plate with paper towel to soak up the oil. Sprinkle over cheese and chopped parsley. I know it has thousands of calories but it’s so good …. 🙂

Good appetite!

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