Turkey with green beans recipe

Turkey with green beans

We have prepared this recipe and the result has surprised us … it has been spectacular! The combination of turkey with green beans is perfect to include vegetables in the menu of the children of the house and adults.

Green beans have numerous properties, so this food can not be missing from your table, since it is part of the wonderful Mediterranean Diet and provides essential nutrients to maintain good health and prevent degenerative diseases.

Play with the many possibilities offered by this vegetable and include it in your menu 100% recommended!

A good example is this recipe. Try it and you’ll love it!

Benefits of green beans

High percentage of water
Soluble fiber rich in mucilage
Low in calories
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Folic acid


Green beans
Turkey breast
White wine


Green beans are boiled in water, which can be fresh or frozen. We browned the rolled garlic. Cut a piece of turkey breast into strips and add to the pan.

We add the boiled beans and a tablespoon of wine. We pepper and cook it all together for three minutes.

Healthy and delicious!

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